People Often Ask:

How do I become successful by getting RESULTS?

How do I create a business idea I have?

How do I get more time to do what I want?

How can I make more MONEY?

How can I be healthier?

How can I become more confident?

About this book

  • How do I get RESULTS faster bigger better?
  • How can I create my business idea?
  • How can I make more MONEY?
  • How do I get more time to do what I want?
  • How can I improve my health?
  • How can I become more confident?

The answers to these questions can be solved with science and systems, not just wishing and hoping.  This book will guide you through a step-by-step process to answer the questions that are unique to YOU.  Each of us is different, but the systems and sciences are the same.  Why?  Because the solutions and steps to success work the same for everyone, just as electricity does—IF it is wired right !

This book takes you from thinking “I should… I could… I might…” to “I AM… I CAN… I WILL…” !

You can’t eat cookies and cupcakes and expect a sculpted lean body; it’s not the way the body works.  The same thing goes with getting RESULTS.  This is not about short-term motivation, it’s about IDEAS, GOALS, AND ACHIEVEMENT.  It’s about closing the gap between your old-time habits from your past to the big-picture life you see yourself living when it all works out.

Kim R. Brownlee is an inspiring speaker, passionate educator, and a highly sought-after, thought-provoking coach.  Outstanding in business innovation and the art of being human, Kim wrote this book as a must-have for anyone wanting change, success, and results.  She has you become aware of the Powerhouse you are, gets you off of autopilot, and on a pathway to action steps and effectiveness.

You are a Powerhouse. Nothing less.

- Kim R. BrownleeIt is my opinion that there is a severe epidemic in the human race. We all put on a good game face, but underneath it all, we suffer from low self-esteem, low confidence, and therefore low SUCCESS!
- Kim R. Brownlee
Speaker - Best Selling Author

About the Author

Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Coach

With over a 20-year career as a flight attendant, Kim R. Brownlee lived most of her life at 35,000 feet.  It gave her a different perspective—a different view of things. From that view, she began a search for what it takes to get results, be effective, and have life go the way she wanted. Having her Masters Degree in Business, Ms. Brownlee knew she loved creating something from nothing but an idea.

She began by wondering:  How do you bring it all together?  How do you create success?  How do you get life to work in your favor and get RESULTS faster, bigger, and better?

She got her education while flying, she created businesses while flying, and she developed a charity while flying.  Most of what she does—-she does well while flying!

With her Midwestern upbringing, Kim R. Brownlee studied human behavior, science, entrepreneurialism, and business success.  She then turned that into a business as well, and now flies the world showing others how to get what THEY want.

In this book, Kim shares her secrets to success, money, confidence, and more…….and how she went from being a flight attendant to a millionaire.

Her passion is creating something from nothing—-a napkin idea.  She takes ACTION and gets things DONE!  She is excited to help others get results!

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